Please explain why "Time release melatonin can cause more problems than solving them if not taken in a correct manner". What is the correct manner to take it?
Thank you

Users: rosa ( 11/06/2012)

why can't i get myself to sleep? i always think about work all the time! my mind is active all the time and i get headache during the day because of lack of sleep.
Users: amz ( 23/05/2012)

Jag använder för att sova Key Melatoni Defender 5 mg regelbundet varje kväll. För några veckor senare kom del av gamla svårigheter tillbaka. Jag somnar bra men vaknar efter 3 timmar. Somnar om så småning om för att vakna igen varje timme fram till morgonen. Ska jag öka dosen eller?
Users: ( 12/05/2012)

I take pills like Sertralin against depression and Alprox to help me to fall asleep.
I'd like to quit Alprox and take Melatonin instead of.
Is it a good idea ?

Users: Arthur ( 04/05/2012)

melatonin and stress
Users: andre ( 14/04/2012)

Jeg har tidligere købt key Melatonin Night - men er i tvivl om det i stedet skal være key melatonin Defender, da jeg er 61 år, har en anelse tendens t knogleskørhed ( arveligt ) - dog er det primært pga en god dsøvn jeg ønsker produktet. men hvad er det rigtigste for mig?
Users: Anne5581 ( 28/03/2012)

I'm using keymelatonin fluid in the evening but i sleep not very good. i sleep better without taking it. Must i take it another moment at the day?
Users: Vonnie ( 22/03/2012)

I have a question: Can I also take melatonin only when I feel restless at night?
I have a lot of stress lately and noticed that I had difficulties to fall asleep.
I don't want that my body loses the ability to produce melatonin itself.
I appreciate the calming effect of M, but can not say with certainty that I lack melatonin .... am still trying.

Users: ( 13/03/2012)

Hello, for about a month I take Key Melatonin Defender 5mg, but only 1/2 tablet, as you've recommended it to me, for sleep disorder and menopause. I sleep a lot better. Sometimes I wake up, but I can fall asleep immediately. I was always very slim. But now I am gaining weight. I'm 45. Should I switch to fluid? Is it true that it helps you lose weight?
Users: hally ( 12/03/2012)

is chromium picolinate bad for health? I heard that it is not indocated for women in menopause. Best regards,
Users: lydia ( 26/02/2012)

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