January / 2011
I'm a vegetarian and would like to ask if your melatonin is suitable for vegetarians?
Users: Rod ( 29/01/2011)

I would like to thank you, because since I use your product Key Melatonin Night (since 2008) my visio bettered about 1 dioptre and now I'm nearly back to not needing glasses anymore. On my last visit I told my eye doctor that I take melatonin and he confirmed to me that melatonin helps many people, if they are receptive. I guess I'm one of the lucky ones!
Users: Pat ( 29/01/2011)

qual o mecanismo de actuação da melatonina em caso de ansiedade
Users: curiosa ( 23/01/2011)

Im 89. What type melatonin should I use?
Users: Mario Bajandas ( 14/01/2011)

7 years working in shifts and
I live in nearly 6 years of insomnia and sleep problems I've tried many sleep medications, including the cure.I tried alternative medicine.but unable to find cure I work 3 shifts andchanging shifts per week..I tried another of melatonin did not happen.have not tried yours.
explanatory information and help please....

Users: erkan süzer ( 12/01/2011)

Hi, im suffering from long term stress and have had problems sleeping the last 4-5 month - I get Serotonin which is a antidepressive but it have not had any effect on my sleeping problems - is it dangerous to mix Serotonin with Melatonin ??

Users: Scandic ( 10/01/2011)

Has anyone experienced any allergies with Key Melatonin - such as rash or trouble breathing; Also, how long does it take for Key Melatonin Deffender or Key Melatonin Night to start working (for insomnia) if a person is used to prescription medication for insomnia? Do you have to take it for a while?


Users: Ellie ( 06/01/2011)

Sufro de rinitis alergica cronica desde joven . Ahoratengo 57 años. Ya no es goteo nasal o picazón en los ojos, Sólo que me viene de vez en cuando alergia a los ojos y soy corto de vista y uso lente de contacto. Y esto me genera dificultad para mi trabajo ya que tengo que quitarme la lente de contacto. Hace 5 meses dejé de tomar melatonina y noté que no me molestaban los lentes y creo es que en esa oportunidasd me sirvió para mi alergia. ¿ Es posible que la melatonina ayude en este caso y me ayude a no estar sacandome a cada rato mi lente de contacto..?Lo malo que la melatonina la tomaba pues me costaba dormir, pero hace meses que ya no tengo ese problema.
Saludos desde Chile.

Users: Jorge ( 05/01/2011)

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