September / 2014
My daughter, 15 year old, suffers a lot from sleep paralysis. Might melatonin help her?
Users: Ane Mette ( 24/09/2014)

I am 70 year old female and I have suffered from insomnia on and off since I have gave birth to children 46 years ago. The latest 10 years I am taking medicine which help me, but I would like to cure insomnia with natural product only because I am already taking the medicine for high blood pressure, holesterolia and I have GERD which I balance it with proper food and aritmia sometimes.

I am afraid that because my chronic illnesses I couldn't take Melatonin.I feel quite well. I am active woman, happy grandmother, wife... and I wish to be sure if I may take melatonin at all.

If the answer is yes, please tell me how many grams I may take in the evening, if I can take it every evening and how many time I continue without break and how long it be a break?
Could I take 2,5mg Sanval and Melatonin in the same time on the starting 2-3 weeks?

I am asking for my 74 year old husband who has problem with insomnia the latest 5 years because of difficulty with prostate (PS 1.9) and he takes medication for it . He has also high blood pressure cca 5 years and is also taking the medicine. I have the same questions about Melatonin for him as written above.

Thank You and all the Best

Users: Geome3ja ( 23/09/2014)

I have taken defender 2 nights now and I wake up more times than I used to - sometimes with a light headache and it takes long times to fall asleep again. My questions are: how many nights with defender before I can judge result ? I only just became 54 years old and I take 5 mg melatonin. Are there possible sideeffects taken too big dosis ?
Users: ( 15/09/2014)

Hi. I ordered and payed for products yesterday but receiver no mail confirming order and payment. I also miss information om when I can expect to receive the items.
Users: Marianna ( 10/09/2014)

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