Sonno frammentato e mi sveglio non riposata e rilassata
Users: Sammy ( 17/04/2020)

I have now tried to buy melotanin, but can not.
It says that my account information is incorrect.
I have also tried through my husband's mail, but I can not.
What do I do?

Users: Linda Riis Suszkiewicz ( 20/11/2018)

Jeg har nu forsøgt at købe melotanin, men kan ikke.
Der står at mine kontooplysninger er forkerte.
Jeg har også forsøgt gennem min mands mail, men det kan jeg heller ikke.
Hvad gør jeg?

Users: Linda Riis Suszkiewicz ( 20/11/2018)

Having a bad jet lag I started taking 2 mg. melatonin for 5 days and slept well. When stopping to take it the jet lag returned and I could not sleep. What to do?
Users: alex ( 21/04/2018) - free online casino slots
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Users: ( 07/04/2018)

Hey! The product is not shipped? Order was made 30/1 2018! How do I get my money back? What should I do?
Users: Ann ( 17/03/2018)


I want to now where the melatonin of yours come from? Is it natural or synthetic and what are the fillers of Key Melatonin Light & Key Melatonin Fluid or are there none in it? And where do you send it from?

Can you help me with this?

Kind Regards,

Kevin z. from Belgium

Users: KeZa ( 05/03/2018)

J'ai des soucis d'hypertension, d'endormissement, sommeil pas vraiment réparateur et ménopause. J'arrive à régler mes soucis de migraines en prenant un traitement hormonale mais des que je prends de la mélatonine j'ai des migraines affreuses au réveil. On me dit que c'est un des effets indésirables de la mélatonine.
Votre mélatonine est elle mieux supporter ?
quel sorte me conseillez vous ?
Je ne peux pas continuer comme cela à m'endormir vers 3 ou 5 heures du matin....


Users: Katia ( 14/01/2018)

Hello, there. Is it better to use one type of melatonin, or is it possible to change? for example: 1 month
use Key Melatonin Night, the other Key Melatonin Fluid or Key Melatonin Defender? Thanks.

Users: Elvyra ( 16/11/2017)

Hi, I bought and paid for 2 boxes of Key Melatonin Night on June 7. I still haven´t received the boxes. Have you sent them?
Users: Inger ( 15/06/2017)

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