I bought some melatonin on the internet, but I am not sure whether to take it or not. I opened the tube and I didn't like the smell of the product at all.
Do you have advice?

Users: ( 28/08/2011)


Users: GUILLERBR ( 23/08/2011)

Hello Can I use melatonin for tinnitus? Noise in my ear, all the time. Can it help during flights?

Users: Rosmari ( 17/08/2011)

Hyvin toimii ainakin apteekin mela.
Users: petrusha ( 04/08/2011)

How long can you take melatonin? I ask because I already take Defender for almost a year against my symptoms of menopause. The hot flashes and headaches have become much better and I sleep well. So I would actually prefer not to discontinue taking it.
Thank you!

Users: iina ( 03/08/2011)

Are there also other ingredients the the ones stated on this website in Key Melatonin Night?
Users: ( 02/08/2011)

Hello, I am 28 years old and work as a nurse in the emergency room in shifts. One week I work the early shift, then day shift and then one week the night shift. Therefore, I sleep pretty irregular. Some days only one hour and other days the whole day. When I work at night, I can hardly sleep in the morning and always only doze off and wake up again. I've now bought one Key Melatonin 3 mg and was wondering if I can use it long term and what effect it has on my performance. Thank you!
Users: Isi ( 01/08/2011)

Hello, I am 60 years old and I have been taking Key Melatonin Defender for 9 months now. I usually sleep very well, but unfortunately I always sleep very badly on Sunday. Am I doing something wrong?
Users: nusa ( 27/07/2011)

Hi, I had written some time ago that I suffered from tiredness during the day, when I took melatonin. You have advised me that I should only take half a tablet. The advice was very good I am now sleeping well and feel fit during the day. Now I take the new LIGHT dosage. Thanks again for the advice!
Users: maria ( 26/07/2011)

I'm taking melatonin for about a year now. In some nights I do not sleep more than two hours. I'm 58 and take Keymelatonin fluid for high cholesterol. Usually I take the melatonin between 11 and 12 pm. What else can I do?
Users: pete ( 26/07/2011)

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