Can I take melatonin with fibromyalgia? And it is true that the skin gets better again with melatonin? I am 44...
Users: dina ( 25/07/2011)

Is melatonin also good for the memory?
Users: ( 23/07/2011)

I am 44 years old and suffer from insomnia and nervousness. I take Key Melatonin Night, and I suppose it has always worked fine. For several days I sleep less. Can it be that the longer days cause this problem? Should I switch to Defender?
Thank you for any advice!

Users: terese_67 ( 18/07/2011)

Hi, today I took your sleep test, but I havn't received any answer yet. When will you send it to me?
Users: marge ( 18/07/2011)

My wife suffers from insomnia and I would like to know if I can still wake her up at night to sleep with me if she takes melatonin. We have not purchased melatonin because of that question.
Users: ( 17/07/2011)

I am 39 years old. 4 years ago they removed my uterus and now the left ovary. My gynecologist has prescribed me hormones. Now I'm probably going through menopause and have terrible headaches, hot flashes and depression. Melatonin can help me?
Users: Julia ( 17/07/2011)

Hello, a question: I'm going to New York soon. Do I have to take the melatonin at certain times to avoid the jet-lag? I've read something about it ... But I do not know exactly how this works.
Best, Robby

Users: Robbie ( 15/07/2011)

I am 62 years old and suffer from diabetes. I take medication for high blood pressure, and insulin. I also take ribavirin for hepatitis C. I sleep very badly and was wondering if I can take melatonin. My husband takes it now since 2 months and is sleeping much better.

Users: ( 14/07/2011)

I'm taking melatonin every night. I also like to drink a can of beer at night and I wonder if that is counterproductive.

Users: John ( 13/07/2011)

Can you use melatonin against polymyalgia?
Users: emcandersen ( 26/06/2011)

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