After a breast operation in ​​December 2011, I am doing a therapy of induced menopause .... but I feel bloated and irritable .... then I think I also gained a few pounds .... what can I do? Is there something I could take to make me feel better?
Users: ( 25/02/2012)

Can I use both melatonin and prednisolon at the same time? takes 7 1/2 mg. prednisolon daily because of polymyalgia rheumatica
Users: Margit ( 01/02/2012)

I came over this article and got a bit worried if I could continue with Melatonin. Ive been using Key-melatonin night for a month. Especially since I have a depression and it was mentioned here that it could increase depression. Do you have some commentary on this?

Users: MM ( 31/01/2012)

I´ve been using antidepressive (ssri) for many years and stopped taking that gradually a year ago because I dont think its healthy and want to solve my problems in other ways. In 4 mounds now I´ve been waking up very early and been always dizzy and have increased anxiety. It seems like I am very low on seretonin.
And I was wondering, will melatonin help me increase my levels of seretonin? And how is it a healthier way than taking a antidepressent? Should I take more than 1 pill if I dont sleep all night?

Users: norway ( 16/01/2012)

I am 71 and will shortly be travelling from the Uk to Mexico on a long flight via Los Angeles. What dose of melatonon should I take to minimse jet lag?
Users: birdsong ( 02/01/2012)

How many pills shall I take?
Users: önir ( 29/12/2011)

1.Stomachpain by intaking of melatonine?
2.Hypothermia by intaking of melatonine?
3.Why be cautious when having autoimmune disorder or/and being depressed with the intake of melatonine?
4.I fell in sleep much better with melatonine. But why do I wake up to early and feel bad with or without melatonine?

Users: sleep ( 12/12/2011)

I am taking zolditemtart for sleeping> How can I use key defender(For i am 47/menopause) in stead of the medication?
Users: 1504 ( 05/12/2011)

ag har använtd olika melantoninfabrikat sedan ca 20 år.Jag är 77 år,är ganska så pigg och rörlig i både i kropp och hjärnan och ser enligt andras utsago yngre ut än min ålder.
Min fråga är : vilket av era produkter borde jag köpa ?

Users: Wilfrid ( 03/12/2011)

Hi, can you tell me more about origin of your melatonin products. Which is the difference (in possible negativ side-effects) between sintetic, animal, vegetable origin.
Users: Insy ( 25/11/2011)

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