I'm using keymelatonin fluid in the evening but i sleep not very good. i sleep better without taking it. Must i take it another moment at the day?
User: Vonnie
Dear Vonnie,

can give me a little more details please?
-How long have you been taking Key Melatonin Fluid?
-Did you take it regularly?
-Do you usually don't sleep well?
-How old are you?

You shouldn't take melatonin at another time of the day, because it makes you sleepy. Melatonin can be taken only at night right before going to bed.

User: KeyMelatonin.com
I take melatonin fluid 1 week
Allways one before i go to bed
i allways sleep well
mij age is 48

User: Vonnie
It can take up to 2-3 weeks that your body gets used to melatonin.
But if you slept well before and now you sleep badly, that seems not to be the goal and you should consider stopping to take it.

If you before had no sleeping problems, what do you want to take melatonin for? (blood pressure, cholesterol, menopause?) The main effect of melatonin is on the sleep cycle. But if it disturbs a normally good sleep-wake cycle, you should discontinue the intake.

Please let me know.

User: KeyMelatonin.com
i take it for helps to balance the lipidic metabolism and my blood pressure. That's too high.

User: Vonnie
Dear Vonnie,

melatonin does help to improve the lipidic metabolism and also lowers the blood pressure in the long run (2 months and more). But if you don't sleep well, I guess it will not be beneficial for your health. Is it possible for you to consult your doctor?

I think you should see your doctor for helping you with your bp.

User: KeyMelatonin.com

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