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You must understand your ‘why’?
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Users: ( 18/06/2022)

Jeg bestilte 10 pakker melatonin defender den 13/12-2021 på ordre nr. 140788

Jeg har endnu ikke modtaget nogen ordre bekræftelse på
bestillingen ???

Sonja Damgaard Larsen

Users: Agnesmarie ( 17/12/2021)

I thought I ordered melatonin 5mg but I didn’t receive an email about the order.
Did you receive the order?
It was Defender 5mg x5.
Many regards Anne Østergaard

Users: Anne Østergaard ( 05/11/2021)

on 28 September I made an order of Key Melatonin Defender and paid by credit card. I haven’t received a confirmation. I also sent and e-mail to, as the contact link on your site is broken, but haven’t received a response. Could you please let me know if the order came through. Thank you, Eileen
Users: Eileen ( 30/09/2021)

Users: ( 26/04/2021)

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Users: ( 22/04/2021)

Zijn de tabletten van melatonine defender sublinguale smelttabletten?
Users: ( 04/03/2021)

Thank you I used your melatonin and I am really happy. A high quality product
Users: Donald ( 10/02/2021)

Is Key melatonin 5 mg vegan friendly?
Users: ( 18/01/2021)

Hello. ordered melatonin. money was written off but there is no data on the parcel. where can i find them? how can I track the order? 😭 have given the last money for this medicine
Users: Elvira ( 21/11/2020)

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