February / 2011
I'd like to purchase Melatonin - TIMED RELEASE.
Do you have available?
I use Circadin 2 mg, do you sell this one?
How much?

Users: Angelica ( 08/02/2011)

Is melatonine good for depression?
Users: sun ( 04/02/2011)

I am 55 years old and have suffered from insomnia on and off since my teen years. From my observations, my insomnia is worse when I am stressed. I have also been experiencing hot flushes for the last 5 years. These, too, come and go and also effect my sleep. Sometimes I can get to sleep but then wake up in the early hours of the morning and cannot get back to sleep until dawn. Just lately I have been having difficulty falling asleep in the first place, even though I am exhausted. Which product will be best for me to use. I am vegetarian and extremely conscious of what I put into my body. Can you assure me that your products are 100% natural and derived from vegetable products only? Is melatonin something that I will have to take forever or wll my body start to function properly on its own? Is it addictive?
Users: Jenny ( 02/02/2011)

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