I'm taking Key Melatonin Fluid now for about 4 month and my high bp and cholesterol both are much better. My bp incredibly went down after about 2 month of taking melatonin and I just got tested for cholesterol and my ldl went down from 117 to 98!
My question is: I still don't sleep so well. I can catch sleep easily with melatonin, but I keep waking up at about 2 am and will stay awake another hour or so before I can sleep again. Any advise?

Users: timm ( 10/10/2011)

I'm taking melatonin for about a year now. In some nights I do not sleep more than two hours. I'm 58 and take Keymelatonin fluid for high cholesterol. Usually I take the melatonin between 11 and 12 pm. What else can I do?
Users: pete ( 26/07/2011)

Hi, I'm 45 and some years I suffer from insomnia and cholesterol alto.Vi wanted to ask me which of your products and recommended dosage.

Users: Luca ( 03/03/2011)

I'm 46 years old and I'm starting to feel the effects of the menopause. I've been using Key Melatonin Defender for 2 months now. After a month the hot flashs vanished and my period has restarted mildly.
I wanted to ask if I can pass to Keymelatonin Fluid to help my cholesterol problems better? I've seen that the composition is similar, but the chrome is missing.

Users: Daniela ( 02/12/2010)

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