October / 2011
Is it possible that melatonin reduces the period? My last two periods have been very mild since I take melatonin and I wonder if the two incidences are connected.
Users: tilt ( 31/10/2011)

Hi I suffer from "restless leg syndrome". My sister suggested I try Melatonin but I can not see on your discussions or website any reference to this. Can you please tell me if it would also be effective and if so what product and dosage. Thanks
Users: Karen ( 31/10/2011)

I have underactive thyroid and take medicine for it. Can I take melatonin because of sleep problems?
Users: Ann ( 31/10/2011)

I'm a physiotherapist and I usually advise my patients only if I'm sure about it. I'm 53 and take key melatonin defender (green pack) myself. Can I advise it to a client, female, 40 with problems of waking up and muscle cramps? Or is it only to be used when in menopause?
Thank you so much!

Users: elves ( 29/10/2011)

Hi, I'm taking night for a month now, but my insomnia didn't improve. Can I take 2 tablets or would that mean an "overdose" on minerals?
Users: plum ( 25/10/2011)

Is it safe to take melatonin during pregnancy?
Users: xhan ( 24/10/2011)

it's about a month that I take your product Key Melatonin Night. Now I have 3 questions:
For how long can I take melatonin? Is one possible side-effect insomnia?
In the long run: does it reduce the production of testosterone and does it reduce libido?
Thank you for your help.

Users: max71 ( 23/10/2011)

I take melatonin 3mg and my insomnia got much better. But the next day, sometimes I feel a bit dizzy and not really awake. What can I do?

Users: alfie ( 22/10/2011)

Do you also ship overseas?
Users: len ( 21/10/2011)

Hello, my son is 21 and sometimes takes a one of my Key Melatonin Night. He says that the next day he feels really good. Can he take melatonin or would it be better if he didn't?
Thanks for the advice!

Users: kathy ( 20/10/2011)

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