December / 2010
Is there a minimum age for melatonin? I would like to substitute Nopron for my 1,5 year orl son who suffers from insomnia. He sleeps through all the night with only 1ml of Nopron (instead of three). The problem is, that I can't buy Nopron anymore.
Users: Steven ( 31/12/2010)

I'm in menopause for a year or so now. I'm not making a hormone therapy but use some natural dietary products to lessen the unpleasant effects of menopause.
I would like to know if melatonin has interactions with other natural agents?
I would like to try melatonin against my insomnia and nervousness because of my hot flashs.

Users: AP ( 30/12/2010)

Does Key Melatonin Night contain lactose?
Users: marc ( 30/12/2010)

I ususally take one tablet of melatonin 5mg at night at around 10pm. Sometimes I can't catch sleep and I take another tablet at 12pm. Does this harm my circadian rhythm? In general, does such a high dose harmful for my system?
Users: ( 30/12/2010)

I'm suffering from chronic insomnia. It's known that this can cause a lot of deseases like hypertension, cadiovascular deseases and an early aging. Do you think that a long-term intake of melatonin can help prevent all this consequences? I'm only 39 and not sleeping I will destroy my body anyway.
Users: Francis ( 16/12/2010)

Are there any long-term studies on melatonin (5-6 years)?
Users: Anna ( 16/12/2010)

I'm taking your melatonin for about a year now and I could better my tiredness and insomnia. Now I'll be flying to America and I was wondering how I could prevent Jet-lag?
Users: Patricia ( 16/12/2010)

I work at an airport and suffer from excessive stress and tiredness because of the shift work. Every day I have another shift on 24 hours basis. I try to sleep at least 6 or 7 hours a day, even if that means sleeping during strange hours of the day or having an interrupted sleep. I also show signs of deseases like prolactin and psoriasis. I would like to try melatonin... do you have any advice for me?

Users: alice ( 15/12/2010)

I'm 56 years old and I'm suffering from insonnia nervousness. Since 3 years I'm taking anxiolytics for helping me falling asleep. 10 years ago I was suffering from depression.
I would like to diminish gradually the anxiolytics substituting it with melatonin. Can I take both products at the same time?

Users: ( 15/12/2010)

can I use Melatonin Defender - and Melatonin night together?


Users: ( 06/12/2010)

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