my problem is, that I'm always very tired during the day. I get enough sleep - in fact I go to bed at 10 pm and get up a 6.30 am. That's more than 8 hours of very tight sleep. Can melatonin help me with my tiredness?
Thanks for your advise.

Users: cam ( 29/08/2011)

Hi, I had written some time ago that I suffered from tiredness during the day, when I took melatonin. You have advised me that I should only take half a tablet. The advice was very good I am now sleeping well and feel fit during the day. Now I take the new LIGHT dosage. Thanks again for the advice!
Users: maria ( 26/07/2011)

Just wanted to let you know that I bought Key Melatonin Defender 4 weeks ago and I am taking it now for 3 weeks. My insomnia and my tiredness during daytime is gone and I'm so happy that I tried your product.
Thanks, tim

Users: tim45 ( 19/05/2011)

I just wanted to let you know that I take your melatonin (Night 3mg) for one month now and I'm sleeping much better and constantly 6 hours a night. My tiredness during day-time is gone. Before I got to knew your product, I took another one which was synthetic melatonin 5mg. I worked ok, but still sometimes I couldn't sleep well.
I guess that it's better when the melatonin is from natural sources like yours.
Thank you!

Users: Rosa ( 26/04/2011)

I'm taking your melatonin for about a year now and I could better my tiredness and insomnia. Now I'll be flying to America and I was wondering how I could prevent Jet-lag?
Users: Patricia ( 16/12/2010)

I work at an airport and suffer from excessive stress and tiredness because of the shift work. Every day I have another shift on 24 hours basis. I try to sleep at least 6 or 7 hours a day, even if that means sleeping during strange hours of the day or having an interrupted sleep. I also show signs of deseases like prolactin and psoriasis. I would like to try melatonin... do you have any advice for me?

Users: alice ( 15/12/2010)

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