J'ai des soucis d'hypertension, d'endormissement, sommeil pas vraiment réparateur et ménopause. J'arrive à régler mes soucis de migraines en prenant un traitement hormonale mais des que je prends de la mélatonine j'ai des migraines affreuses au réveil. On me dit que c'est un des effets indésirables de la mélatonine.
Votre mélatonine est elle mieux supporter ?
quel sorte me conseillez vous ?
Je ne peux pas continuer comme cela à m'endormir vers 3 ou 5 heures du matin....


Users: Katia ( 14/01/2018)

I am taking 5HTP 80mg and THEANINE 50mg between 24h and 2h, for 60 days. Sleep 4-5 hours with interruptions. Next day, feel tired. To compensate the 'sleepless' previous night, I take every other day 3-5 drops of clonazepam to sleep for 6-7 hours. I am 62 years old, and after menopause I got palpitations and insomnia. Questions:
1. Can I continue taking theanine and 5HTP earlier (at 20h) and MELATONIN later (between 24h and 2h)?
2. Does 5HTP worse palpitations?
3. How melatonin affects serotonin?
4. Does Melatonin worse palpitations?
Thank you

Users: rosa ( 18/06/2012)

Hello, for about a month I take Key Melatonin Defender 5mg, but only 1/2 tablet, as you've recommended it to me, for sleep disorder and menopause. I sleep a lot better. Sometimes I wake up, but I can fall asleep immediately. I was always very slim. But now I am gaining weight. I'm 45. Should I switch to fluid? Is it true that it helps you lose weight?
Users: hally ( 12/03/2012)

is chromium picolinate bad for health? I heard that it is not indocated for women in menopause. Best regards,
Users: lydia ( 26/02/2012)

After a breast operation in ​​December 2011, I am doing a therapy of induced menopause .... but I feel bloated and irritable .... then I think I also gained a few pounds .... what can I do? Is there something I could take to make me feel better?
Users: ( 25/02/2012)

I am taking zolditemtart for sleeping> How can I use key defender(For i am 47/menopause) in stead of the medication?
Users: 1504 ( 05/12/2011)

I'm a physiotherapist and I usually advise my patients only if I'm sure about it. I'm 53 and take key melatonin defender (green pack) myself. Can I advise it to a client, female, 40 with problems of waking up and muscle cramps? Or is it only to be used when in menopause?
Thank you so much!

Users: elves ( 29/10/2011)

I just entered menopause and have very heavy hot flushs so that I find it hard to catch sleep. Can melatonin help me?
Users: Fiona ( 18/10/2011)

How long can you take melatonin? I ask because I already take Defender for almost a year against my symptoms of menopause. The hot flashes and headaches have become much better and I sleep well. So I would actually prefer not to discontinue taking it.
Thank you!

Users: iina ( 03/08/2011)

I am 39 years old. 4 years ago they removed my uterus and now the left ovary. My gynecologist has prescribed me hormones. Now I'm probably going through menopause and have terrible headaches, hot flashes and depression. Melatonin can help me?
Users: Julia ( 17/07/2011)

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