November / 2010
Melatonin+ Amitryptoline
Users: mary45 ( 26/11/2010)

Can I use Melatonin for sleeping and also use Amitryptiline 20mg ?
Users: mary45 ( 26/11/2010)

Key Melatonin Fluid

I have ordered and payd 7 pack Melatonin fluid. I think it was in the beginning of november. Now I have problems to get it out - I have to show the

bill or factura who tells what is sent to me and the value. I think you will find my order in your paper. I need the walue and price I have paid. Please send me an e-mail i can show the office. If I have sendt e-mail to a wrong place, please send me the right adress.


Users: Evy Mona Mozer ( 12/11/2010)

I am suffering from NES. Is it right for me to take such a tablet to help me through the night?
Users: Artemis ( 10/11/2010)

How come that Melatonin should have an effect on parkinson desease - and in which way does it help?
Users: susanne ( 01/11/2010)

Can i take melatonin every day without any breaks once in a while?
Users: ( 01/11/2010)

I am 70 y.o. and have some problems with health.I use some melatonin.It helps me in sleeping but it is one of these my problems.I think i need some talks on my health problems with good wise person. My English is not very good Sorry!

Users: Witold ( 01/11/2010)

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