I just wanted to let you know that I take your melatonin (Night 3mg) for one month now and I'm sleeping much better and constantly 6 hours a night. My tiredness during day-time is gone. Before I got to knew your product, I took another one which was synthetic melatonin 5mg. I worked ok, but still sometimes I couldn't sleep well.
I guess that it's better when the melatonin is from natural sources like yours.
Thank you!
User: Rosa
Dear Rosa,
you are absolutely right. Our melatonin is extracted from cocoa which is a natural melatonin source. It is a high quality product and the effectiveness is even higher because we add zinc, magnesium and selenium in the right doses to help the metabolism absorb the melatonin in the right way.
It's good to hear that you are satisfied.

User: KeyMelatonin.com

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