I have a question: Can I also take melatonin only when I feel restless at night?
I have a lot of stress lately and noticed that I had difficulties to fall asleep.
I don't want that my body loses the ability to produce melatonin itself.
I appreciate the calming effect of M, but can not say with certainty that I lack melatonin .... am still trying.
Melatonin work only very slowly as long-term effect against stress, because its effect is on the endocrine system and it does not act directly on the nervous system. It is therefore only an indirect and rather slight effect.
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Nevertheless, melatonin also helps with stress-related insomnia, because it makes you sleepy and shortens the sleep onset time.

Taking endogenous melatonin does not effect the ability of you pineal gland to produce melatonin negatively. It is true that melatonin production is reduced during long-term use, but once you stop taking the drug, your body produces melatonin on its own again. If you are still young, then it may even be that after taking melatonin for a while and then stop taking it, you might be able to sleep again without taking melatonin.

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