I want to buy Melatonin, but I am not sure about which of them. I need it for my bad sleep and I choose between Light and Night. I guess Night is best for me, but I wonder why you are using so much Zinc Gluconate in it? Can't it be like an overdose? I take Zinc tablets every day, 15-30 mg, but I use Zinc picolinate because my stomach tolerate that one best. Is it to much if I use both this Zinc tablets and Melatonin night?

User: Martin
Dear Martin,

We use zinc gluconate because this is the best choice for garantueeing that all the melatonin will be absorbed through the metobalism by the body.
Overdosing on zinc is not possible. If there is too much zinc, then your body will just expell it. Maybe you can think if you still need to take zinc if you will start to take our melatonin product.
If you are not sure which product to use, please use our test to find it out.
Best regards,

User: KeyMelatonin.com

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