Since some months I have the following problem: I go to bed a 11 pm and also fall asleep easily after having read for a while. But the during the night I wake up at 2 or 3 am and fail to fall asleep again, because of my rising nervousness.
Can melatonin help me with this problem?
Your nervousness is surely caused by your tiredness. At 2am you have had none or only one rem phase, which is the phase of the sleep which makes us feel awake and fit.
Waking up during the night can be caused by a low melatonin level in your blood. So you can try to take one tablet of Keymelatonin Night (if you are over 55 Keymelatonin Defender) before you go to bed. Remember to put out the light when you have finished reading, because also any source of light can cause disturbed sleep.


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