I have heard the opinion of a doctor of the Melatonin Kliniek in the Netherlands stating that just taking melatonin in higher dosage is not good and above all the indication that taking it 1 hour before going to sleep is not correct.
It should be taken prior to the starting of the production of melatonin in the body.And this moment should be found out before prescribing melatonin. What is your opninion.
User: andré
what is a higher dosage according to the stated MD?
There are two methods of taking melatonin. Taking it just before going to bed and put out the light or taking it at sundown (low dosage) and if needed again right before going to bed (low dosage). Since we ignore the rythm of the sun and stay up late even in winter, this should help regain a healthy sleep.

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5 Mg and 3 mg are high dosages according to the MD in question

User: andré
The dosage pretty much depends on each and every single person. It is proven that dosage of 1-2 mg are effective. However the older the person, the less own melatonin is produced by the pineal gland and at an age of 60 years a dosage of 5 mg is not too high.

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