I´ve been using antidepressive (ssri) for many years and stopped taking that gradually a year ago because I dont think its healthy and want to solve my problems in other ways. In 4 mounds now I´ve been waking up very early and been always dizzy and have increased anxiety. It seems like I am very low on seretonin.
And I was wondering, will melatonin help me increase my levels of seretonin? And how is it a healthier way than taking a antidepressent? Should I take more than 1 pill if I dont sleep all night?
User: norway
Winter time is always the most difficult time for reducing anti-depressant medicine. I congratulate you for this big step to undertake.
You should take 1 tablet of Melatonin right before going to bed. If you tell me your age, I can tell you which dose (1 mg, 3 mg or 5 mg). If you wake up during the night, you shouldn't take another tablet since it might you feel tired the next day.
Melatonin amplyfies the effect of some anti-depressants. This is why many people take it to help diminishing anti-depressants. Melatonin doesn't have any effect on your serotonin levels.

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Thank you for your answer. I am 32 years old. I have tried melatonin night together with something called Tart Cherry which also contains naturally some melatonin. I wake up very early but maybe the sleep I get is deeper? If I take this for a while and stop will it be harder to sleep without taking anything then? Could I take melatonin for a long while and stop without larger problems of sleeping naturally without taking anythin?

User: norway
How early do you wake up? Do you feel tired when you wake up? Key Melatonin Night is the right dose for you.

Some people think they should sleep more, but actually the body maybe doesn't need that much sleep. It's very important for you to think about how you feel.

You can take melatonin for prolonged time without any problem. Some young people (and you are young), after taking melatonin for some time, find it actually easy to fall asleep without melatonin, because melatonin in the meanwhile has regualted the inner clock.

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I´ve been waking up around 5 in the morning the last 3-4 months and feel very tired when I wake up and all the time. The underlying problem I think is anxiety so I have to solve that but I maybe hoped Melatonin could help me a bit with the sleeping issue in this prosess...
(I got of the antidepressant in mars-april)

User: norway
Some people wake up early and think they should still sleep only because it is still night. However in your case, you still need some rest. After having slept for some hours it is really hard to catch sleep again. But at that time of the night you can't take another tablet.
So the only thing I can advise you, is trying to continue taking melatonin, because its effect augments the longer you take it and try to make some autogenic training in cause you wake up early. That might help you recatch sleep.

All the best!

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Thank you for the advise:)

User: norway
If you have any other question, please let me know.

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