Hi, can you tell me more about origin of your melatonin products. Which is the difference (in possible negativ side-effects) between sintetic, animal, vegetable origin.
User: Insy
Dear Insy,
our melatonin is made from cocoa and therefore it is made exclusively from vegetable sources.
The difference between different sources is mainly the purity.
Synthetic and animal melatonin can have the same purity as melatonin from vegetable sources. But watch out for a certificate or garantuee.
The different kinds of melatonin have the same effect.
Only if the melatonin is not pure enough there can be undesired sire-effects or ineffectiveness of the product.
Our melatonin is 99% pure. Please see our certificate:

All the best,

User: KeyMelatonin.com

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