I'm a physiotherapist and I usually advise my patients only if I'm sure about it. I'm 53 and take key melatonin defender (green pack) myself. Can I advise it to a client, female, 40 with problems of waking up and muscle cramps? Or is it only to be used when in menopause?
Thank you so much!
User: elves
Dear elves,
it is a very good choice only to give informed advise. There are many factors that determine the choice of the type of melatonin. For not confusing the ideas, we usually give our indications based on the client's age and only consindering in parts the actual problem. If you want, we can send you some clinical studies regarding the indicated problem and you can make up you mind by yourself. Our advise for the person you mentioned would be the classical Key Melatonin Night with 3 mg melatonin.
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User: KeyMelatonin.com

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