I'm taking Key Melatonin Fluid now for about 4 month and my high bp and cholesterol both are much better. My bp incredibly went down after about 2 month of taking melatonin and I just got tested for cholesterol and my ldl went down from 117 to 98!
My question is: I still don't sleep so well. I can catch sleep easily with melatonin, but I keep waking up at about 2 am and will stay awake another hour or so before I can sleep again. Any advise?
User: timm
Dear Timm,
I'm very glad to hear that both your blood pressure and cholesterol got much better.
About waking up at night: This problem is not very easy to solve.
Please consider that sleeping patterns change with age and the main question you should ask yourself is: Do you feel rested the following day? Does staying awake 1 hour at night affect your well-being?
If not, then you should not worry. If you feel tired the next day, you can try to take 1,5 tablets a night for 2 weeks. If the problem persists, get back to me again.

User: KeyMelatonin.com

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