Hello, I am 28 years old and work as a nurse in the emergency room in shifts. One week I work the early shift, then day shift and then one week the night shift. Therefore, I sleep pretty irregular. Some days only one hour and other days the whole day. When I work at night, I can hardly sleep in the morning and always only doze off and wake up again. I've now bought one Key Melatonin 3 mg and was wondering if I can use it long term and what effect it has on my performance. Thank you!
User: Isi
Dear Isi

Shift work always brings problems. Therefore, there are countries where laws were enacted, according to which one may work only up to a certain age in shift work. Sleep is never as effective during the day than during. We humas are diurnal and our biorhythm provides for certain body functions at night.
In your case, you should always keep the same bedtime, at least for the two day shifts and sleep only during the week with the night shift during the day.
For your age I would have recommended Key Light Melatonin (1mg). Since you already have purchased Night (3 mg), I advise youto take only half a tablet following the following pattern: take 1/2 tablet during the two weeks with early- and day-shift right before bedtime and always at about the same time. If you work night shift, you sould not take melatonin. You will see that you will sleep better after a few weeks.
At your age I would suggest you take melatonin only a few months and then see if your rhythm is stable. You're young and do not need it as an anti-aging treatment!
Please also consult our tips on sleep hygiene. When you finish your night shift, wear sunglasses, so that your retina is less exposed to sunlight and sleep in complete darkness.
Best regards,

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