I felt the muscles in my face tightening when taking recent Melatonin. When I bought Melatonin Tablets in Tony Quinn shop years ago, I got no reaction. Is there a purer form of Melatonin I should be taking as I suspect there may be other ingredients in the tablet that is causing the my facial reaction.
User: District 5
Dear District 5,

our Melatonin product is 100% pure as it also states our certificate of purity http://www.melatonina.it/certificato_purezza.php
All ingriedients are noted on the package.

Did you buy a Clavis product, or is it from another producer?

Unfortunately I can't explain the face tightening. It's sure that it isn't a side-effect of taking melatonin.

Please let me know, if you have any questions.


User: KeyMelatonin.com

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