Por que a Melatonina é proibida no Brasil pela Anvisa ,minha Médica Diz que todo ser humano deviam toma-la! Eu tomo a 1 ano e não fico sem ela eu compro nos USA...Dia 1 de Maio viajo pra Europa,Portugal,Espanha,Barcelona,Roma e Paris onde posso compra-la?
User: maria conceiçãor. silva
Dear Maria

Your doctor is right - nearly every human being is in need of melatonin sooner or later in their lives.
In Europe you can get melatonin without any receipt only in Spain and Italy. In Spain our product Key Melatonin Light (with 1 mg) is available in selected pharmacies. In Italy you can buy any kind of melatonin. But be careful about the quality. "Cheap" melatonin often is extracted from strange sources and might have different effects on you. Our melatonin is 100% pure as it states the certification of purity http://www.melatonina.it/certificato_purezza.php
You can find our products in different pharmacies and drug stores in Italy. If you want to have a list of them, please write me an email to info@keymelatonin.de and I'll send it to you.

Best regards,

User: KeyMelatonin.com

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