7 years working in shifts and
I live in nearly 6 years of insomnia and sleep problems I've tried many sleep medications, including the cure.I tried alternative medicine.but unable to find cure I work 3 shifts andchanging shifts per week..I tried another of melatonin did not happen.have not tried yours.
explanatory information and help please....

User: erkan süzer
At which hours did you take melatonin?
In your case, your system has to be resychronized. You should take melatonin right before you go to bed.
Another important fact is, that the room you sleep in should be completly dark. Even small lights can disturb you from falling asleep.

Please read also this article:http://www.keymelatonin.com/news/324-2010-11-24.html

User: KeyMelatonin.com

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