Has anyone experienced any allergies with Key Melatonin - such as rash or trouble breathing; Also, how long does it take for Key Melatonin Deffender or Key Melatonin Night to start working (for insomnia) if a person is used to prescription medication for insomnia? Do you have to take it for a while?

User: Ellie
There are no allergies which cause rahses or breathing trouble related to melatonin since it's a product which naturally is present in our system. There are rare cases of intollerance against melatonin which cause diarrea.
Melatonin starts working immediately though it might take the body to react in the right way up to 2-3 weeks. This has nothing to do with prescription medication for insomnia, because melatonin doesn't work as a traditional medicine. It rather resynchronizes your whole system which can take some time but you will feel its benefits throughout the day by felling fresher and more awake and at night by sleeping better and also longer.

User: KeyMelatonin.com

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