Key Melatonin Fluid

Key Melatonin Fluid helps to balance the lipidic metabolism .thanks to the balancing of the whole neuroendocrine and hormonal system.

Check the level of the lipids and then check it again after taking Key Melatonin Fluid for one oe two months : you will realize that its normality has been re-established without any changes in your life style or your diet.

Melatonin is an "intelligent" molecule with a lot of functions. It works in different ways, and only when and where it is necessary.

Key Melatonin Fluid , in synergy with some particular mineral substances, is especially effective thanks to the perfect link between Melatonin and picolinate Chromium.

Melatonin is a very powerful antioxidant and a good remedy for free radicals .It also has an excellent antiaging effect.

Pack containing 60 tablets

Contents of one tablet:
  • Melatonin ( 3 mg. )
  • Zinc Gluconate ( 55,78 mg. ) corresponds 8 mg of zinc
  • Selenomethionine ( 1,65 mg. ) corresponds 8,25 mcg of selenium
  • Magnesium oxide ( 93,28 mg. ) corresponds 56,25 mg of magnesium
  • Chromium chloride (500 mcg. ) corresponds 25 mcg chromium
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