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Key Melatonin is the melatonin (Melatoniini) of vegetable origin.

What is the Melatonin?
Definition and explanation of the melatonin

The melatonin is one natural substance produced from pineal gland (epifisi) present in all the living shapes.

it's one "smart molecule" from the multiple functions, work in selective way, it acts that is only when and where it is necessary .

Moreover substance is one that it does not have no contraindication and absolutely it deprives of effects collaterals.

The better melatonin is than origin vegetable and it is extracted from the cacao.

It acts directly on the sleep. E' the natural substance that determines the cycle sleep waking in sure way.

It always goes assumed half hour before possibly coricarsi, to the same hour so as to to re-establish just the circadian cycle (1 tablet to evening).

The melatonin acts in way directed on the efficient and preservandola pineale gland maintaining it from the aging. The pineal gland is a very small organ situated to bases of the brain that is connected to the brain and the neuroendocrino-hormonal and nervous system through one complex net of connections.

We can with certainty assert that, the pineal gland (epifisi), is the key for the understanding of the aging simply because it from birth controls to the dead women the daily variability of hormones (circadian cycle) that the functions of our organism regulate all.

It's absolutely tried that the melatonin better the efficiency of our immune system increasing to natural ours defense preservarvandoci from the diseases in kind (infuences, colds etc.) and in particular from those typical of the aging which: cardiovascular and autoimmune cancer, pathologies.

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