10 Commandments of Healthy Sleep for Children

Poor sleep affects about 25% of the world’s children, as well. To help improve children’ sleep and overall wellness, WSD has created the 10 Commandments of Healthy Sleep for Children:

1. Make sure your child gets enough sleep by setting an age-appropriate bedtime and waketime.
2. Set consistent bedtime and wake-up times on both weekdays and weekends.
3. Establish a consistent bedtime routine that includes “quiet time.”
4. Encourage your child to fall asleep independently.
5. Avoid bright light at bedtime and during the night (including light from television or computer screens) and increase light exposure in the morning.
6. Keep all electronics, including televisions, computers and cell phones, out of the bedroom and limit use of electronics before bedtime.
7. Maintain a regular daily schedule, including consistent mealtimes.
8. Have an age-appropriate nap schedule.
9. Ensure plenty of exercise and time spent outside during the day.
10. Eliminate foods and beverages containing caffeine.

Source: WSD

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