Melatonin is used in Italy as adjunctive therapy in cancer therapy

The Italian newspaper IL GIORNALE reports on the Italian oncologist Dr. Paolo Lissoni, who works since 1985 at the Hospital San Gerardo in Monza. He was honoured for his research about the epiphysis (pineal gland) by the National Cancer Institute in Washington.
In an interview with IL GIORNALE reporter Gioia Locati, Dr. Lissoni explains the different therapies that are applied at Monza next to chemotherapy and radiation therapy in the fight against cancer. These include aloe vera, scorpion venom and melatonin.
He underlines that these therapies alone are not suitable as cancer therapy, since these don’t reduce or remove the tumours. Rather, he explains how melatonin stimulates over 20 processes in the body that inhibit the formation of new tumour cells.
When asked why oncologists often don’t inform patients about this type of therapy, Lissoni replied that, at Monza, such therapies are applied and patients are informed in detail about them.
Source: Il Giornale

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