The website reaches 100,000 registered users

Passion, expertise and professionalism, but above all the desire to spread the knowledge of the extraordinary applications of melatonin, have helped the network of webmasters of the company Clavis srl to reach 100,000 registered users. 2,405,299 unique visitors have viewed the pages.

Visitors appreciate the skills and passion of the operators of the websites and the benefits of melatonin, this unusual molecule, which promotes sleep and the re-synchronization of the biological clock and the circadian rhythms to support the psycho-physical well-being.

The company website of Clavis srl - - has been translated into 25 languages. Its main goal is to promote the properties of melatonin through articles, studies, the cooperation of physicians and direct contact to customers via the forum.

The websites have over 40,000 registered users each in Italy and Spain, and another 20,000 registered users in the countries Germany, France, Holland, Russia, the Nordic countries and Eastern European countries. In addition, many users from South America have registered who access the site Clavis srl regularly publishes scientific studies, information and news, to promote the effect of melatonin and to seek an open dialogue with customers. Experts reply to the many questions by users on the popular forum.

The number of unique visitors, evaluated on March 1st 2012, is interesting: 1,161,196 of the 2,405,299 unique visitors came from Italy.

This result was achieved thanks to the passion, the entrepreneurial spirit and extraordinary work experience of the owner of the company, Aldo Nava, in collaboration with the talented web designer Luca Comassi of InternetSol - It is not just about business, but about people who were able to find the right synergies. Our staff, who maintains our foreign-language pages have made a significant contribution: Anne Leinenand Raphaela Asan Sa.

The Managing Director explains: “Seven years have passed since launching the first website and I am very pleased with the results. But above all I'm aware of the potential of our network. In order to achieve good results on the Internet, one needs three basic components: a good product, a skilled technician and a businessman who gives the project a soul. If one of the three components is missing, the project cannot succeed.

The model we created is also applicable to other areas and we will soon create some new initiatives in other sectors, because we know that we are on the right track.”, a journey of discovery into the world of the effect of melatonin.

Translation: Anne Leinen

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