Melatonin, the key of a new menopause treatment

The Spanish Scientists combine estrogens, melatonin and progestogens to reduce the risk of serious illness.

Menopause is a state in which the egg cells release by the ovaries stops, with the consequent decrease of female hormones sec and the absence of menstruation. This condition leads to the appearance of many inconveniences, but also to the risk of serious illnesses. Many treatments have been tried up to now, but with the introduction of melatonin most of the negative effects are compensated.

So, a team of Spanish Scientists has developed a new formula that eliminates the negative effects of the replacement treatments of the THS hormone, which can improve the risk of endometrium and mammary carcinoma. It is a treatment that combines estrogens, melatonin and progestogens (EMPT), maintaining the positive effects of the estrogens on the prevention of osteoporosis, coronary heart diseases, dementia and many other illnesses associated to menopause and, thanks to melatonin, it contrasts the increase of the risk of endometrium and mammary carcinoma, associated to the use of estrogens and progestogens.

According to the Spanish Researchers, the base formula of the THS consist in a treatment of estrogen hormones only, as they are the once protecting from most of the illnesses associated to menopause. However, if administered alone, the estrogen increase the risk of uterus internal sheath cancer (endometrium). So, they have started to combine estrogens with progestogens, which contrast the risk of uterus cancer, because of the estrogens, but at the same time they increase the risk of mammary cancer.

The new treatment, published by the Obstetrics & Gynecology International Journal, by the doctors Jan Tesarik e Raquel Mendoza Tesarik, researchers at the MARGEN clinic and at the University of Granada, offers, according to its authors, an effective and riskless therapy for those menopause women whose the current treatments aren’t recommended, as it is in the case of over 60 years old or menopause that hasn’t been treated for more than 10 years. The new therapy is based on the recent discovery of molecular mechanisms with antitumoral effects, both preventive and healing, of the melatonin hormone.

In the formula that combines estrogens, progestogens and melatonin, Doctor Jan Tesarik explains, “estrogens are responsible for the protection against the main risk factors of a non-treated menopause, the progestogens contrast the risk of endometrium cancer because of estrogens and melatonin prevents from the possible effect of progestogens concerning the mammary cancer”.

During the initial phases of menopause, known as premenopause and perimenopause as well. Women are more subject to illnesses ad bone fractures due to osteoporosis, diabetes, cardiovascular illnesses or depression.

During this year, the Scientists explain, many new discoveries have been made, suggesting that the adding of melatonin hormone to the female hormones currently used for the THS (estrogens and progestogens) can delate the risks of these treatments and, therefore, facilitating the THS to more and more advanced aged women to reduce their morbidity and death rate.


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