I'm 34 years old and suffer from insomnia now for 11 years. Recently, I stopped taking Lorazepam and of course I had withdrawal symptoms. Now I take melatonin since 7 days and always wake up at night. Can I take some kind of drops to delay the effect of melatonin?
Users: mary ( 22/06/2011)

I have parkinson's and one of the worst symptoms is insomnia. I take 5mg of Key melatonin occasionally, but can not get to sleep. I take Sinemet for my parkinson's and want to increase my Key melatonin to 2 X 5mg every night in an effort to improve my sleep. Can I do this with safety?
Users: Norton ( 21/06/2011)

Hi, I'm taking Key Melatonin Night for my insomnia and it is working very well. Now I would like to become pregnant. Do I have to stop taking melatonin?
Users: julia ( 20/06/2011)

Hello I'm suffering from insomnia fot 6 months now. Northing helps. I'm put on Mirtazapine for sleep but this also doesnt always help plus I feel very bad the day after.
Ive tried 5htp and melatonine (normal and time release) before but it doesnt work, it made the insomnia worse.
Do you know what can help me? How much and at what time to take?

Users: s ( 06/06/2011)

Just wanted to let you know that I bought Key Melatonin Defender 4 weeks ago and I am taking it now for 3 weeks. My insomnia and my tiredness during daytime is gone and I'm so happy that I tried your product.
Thanks, tim

Users: tim45 ( 19/05/2011)

I have menopause for 8 years. I have awful insomnia, viganal dryness, loss of skin elasticity, wrinkles. I have had insomnia before menopause, but not all the time. I have tried melatonin on many occasions. It never helped me to fall asleep. If I mix it with temazepam I have weird dreams, so I have stopped it. What would you suggest in regards to your product?
Is it plant derived?
Thank you

Users: Masha235 ( 02/05/2011)

Hi, I'm 45 and some years I suffer from insomnia and cholesterol alto.Vi wanted to ask me which of your products and recommended dosage.

Users: Luca ( 03/03/2011)

I am 55 years old and have suffered from insomnia on and off since my teen years. From my observations, my insomnia is worse when I am stressed. I have also been experiencing hot flushes for the last 5 years. These, too, come and go and also effect my sleep. Sometimes I can get to sleep but then wake up in the early hours of the morning and cannot get back to sleep until dawn. Just lately I have been having difficulty falling asleep in the first place, even though I am exhausted. Which product will be best for me to use. I am vegetarian and extremely conscious of what I put into my body. Can you assure me that your products are 100% natural and derived from vegetable products only? Is melatonin something that I will have to take forever or wll my body start to function properly on its own? Is it addictive?
Users: Jenny ( 02/02/2011)

7 years working in shifts and
I live in nearly 6 years of insomnia and sleep problems I've tried many sleep medications, including the cure.I tried alternative medicine.but unable to find cure I work 3 shifts andchanging shifts per week..I tried another of melatonin did not happen.have not tried yours.
explanatory information and help please....

Users: erkan süzer ( 12/01/2011)

Has anyone experienced any allergies with Key Melatonin - such as rash or trouble breathing; Also, how long does it take for Key Melatonin Deffender or Key Melatonin Night to start working (for insomnia) if a person is used to prescription medication for insomnia? Do you have to take it for a while?


Users: Ellie ( 06/01/2011)

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